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[Review IELTS TalkFirst] Anh Nguyễn Văn Cường - IELTS 6.5 Anh Cường và kết quả thi IELTS ngoài mong đợi 🥰 Đầu vào 4.0, đặt mục tiêu 5.0 để đủ điều kiện đi nước ngoài. Anh Cường đã xuất sắc đạt 6.5 Overall với điểm Speaking 6.5 chỉ sau hơn 2 tháng học tại TalkFirst.... Cảm ơn anh đã đồng ý xuất hiện trong video chia sẻ này & chia sẻ rất thật về những trải nghiệm học của anh! Chúc mừng anh Cường! - - - - - ----
Anh ngữ TalkFirst - Enjoy learning IELTS
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🌟 BÀI VIẾT MẪU đề IELTS Writing ngày 13/02 (Band 8.0+) lên sóng rồi đây! Cả nhà tham khảo nhé! ĐỀ WRITING TASK 2 Some people believe that reading stories from a book is better than watching TV or playing computer games for children....
To what extent do you agree or disagree? 🌟BÀI VIẾT MẪU Reading stories in books is long believed to yield more favorable results for children than watching TV or playing games is. While I agree that watching TV is a waste of time for kids, I would argue that computer games benefit them more than reading stories. Kids spending their time in front of the TV screen can be exposed to threats which might lead to the deterioration of cognitive functions. Before the invention of television, children would choose to talk with their parents or hang out with friends when they had free time. Thanks to those interactions, they were able to develop a wide range of skills such as communication, leadership, teamworking which equip them with enough knowledge to deal with their surroundings. However, since when the television was introduced to every household, children have become more passive in receiving knowledge; in turn, they lack several important cognitive skills such as thinking, analyzing, reasoning, and attention. Computer games, on the other hand, bring the young not only joy but also various valuable skills. Computer games can be deduction games like Cube Escape where players have to employ their analytical skills in order to solve mysteries. Many computer games put players in action and therefore develop their sense of cooperation and how to survive in a simulated life-and-death situation. Thus, they can also sharpen their focus, develop communication skills and learn how to work in a team, which would benefit them much more when they are grown-ups, while playing online multiplayer battle games. For example, to win a game in League of Legends, one of the most popular e-sport, not only do players have to employ their skills, play close attention to every activity happening to outplay other individuals but they also need to work together to devise strategies and cooperate effectively to bring the whole team victory. To cut a long story short, what I believe is that it is advisable to support children's playing of computer games but reject their television watching. The reasons are simply that spending time on computer games is fruitful in various ways but watching TV wastes their time unnecessarily. (Word count: 355)
Written by TalkFirst #IELTS #Talkfirst #SampleEssay #Writing Tham khảo khoá học IELTS của TalkFirst tại:
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🌟Cùng xem video để "bỏ túi" ngay cách phát âm các thương hiệu thời trang nổi tiếng nhé cả nhà. Đọc chuẩn các brands này sẽ giúp các bạn tăng band điểm đáng kể.
Chắc chắn sẽ có ích khi thi IELTS Speaking! Đa số chúng ta đọc tên các thương hiệu như Versace, Hermes,... theo thói quen kiểu Anh - Việt. Nếu không chú ý thì rất dễ phát âm sai luôn. ... Tham khảo khoá học Luyện thi IELTS tại TalkFirst: https://talkfirst.vn/chuong-trinh-hoc/luyen-thi-IELTS #Talkfirst #English #Pronunciation #Brands See More
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🌟Cập nhật BÀI VIẾT MẪU đề IELTS Writing ngày 08/02 (Band 8.0+).
Cả nhà vào xem & lưu lại nhé! ĐỀ WRITING TASK 2... The use of social media is replacing face-to-face interaction among many people in society.
Do you think the advantages outweigh the advantages? 🌟BÀI VIẾT MẪU (8.0+) Social media has become an indispensable part of human life. Due to its popularity, the enjoyment of face-to-face social interactions between people are undermined and neglected. This trend has caused a lot of debates, but the drawbacks are unquestionably overshadowed by the perks. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networking sites are conspicuous technological achievements which benefits human beings in myriad ways including communication and the development of human life in general. Thanks to these social media, the geographical boundaries are completely erased, and an unimaginable mass connection between people across the globe emerges. With just a click, a mother living in Vietnam can effortlessly talk to her child living on the other side of the planet and see his face with only a palm-sized smartphone and Facebook or Skype. Moreover, everybody can keep in touch with the whole world regardless of geographical locations. Without a lag, what is happening in one corner of the planet is simultaneously observed by people from all over the world. Hence, people are using this technological advancement as an opportunity to express themselves. Nowadays, young people can use Facebook, YouTube or TikTok to create their own one-man shows where they can impress others and achieve massive success, which was merely an unrealizable dream. Thus, a whole new kind of human interactions, which is incomprehensible to many from other generations, is created. Nevertheless, without appropriate approach to social networking sites, they could become a likely candidate for the title “The greatest distraction of the year.” In terms of learning, browsing social networking sites aimlessly contributes to the deterioration of academic performance due to poor concentration. Also, the spread of fake news is considered another drawback of social media. The technology has advanced, but humans are still emotional beings, who can be manipulated by shocking news. In this situation, the battle against misinformation has to be taken more seriously. In conclusion, as discussed, the tendency towards using social networks as replacement for face-to-face communication is both positive and negative at the same time. However, the advantages that social media bring to human life outweigh the drawbacks. (Word count: 350)
Written by TalkFirst. 🌟Tham khảo các khóa học Luyện thi IELTS tại TalkFirst:
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