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Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
VAV BOX Delta Controls VAV box can be used in low pressure or medium static pressure, single duct or double-duct system. 1.0.8mm galvanized steel casing;⋯⋯
Can match with pneumatic Control, Analog Electronic Control or Direct Digital Control (DDC);
The precise size of coated galvanized steel damper plate, perfect airproof;
Leakage is less than 1% of max air volume at 1000Pa inlet static pressure;
20mm fiberglass heat insulation layer with antiseptic treatment, in compliance with UL1181 and NFPA90A standard;
Applied to constant air volume air handling unit or variable air volume air handling unit. DVAV-xx STANDARD TYPE SINGLE DUCT VAV BOX DVAV-xx standard type (square inlet and round outlet) VAV box is made by galvanized steel and mainly used in low/medium pressure, single duct system. It can be controlled in several ways, so it is applied to a constant volume system or variable volume system. There are several accessories for choice: water coil heater, electric heater, sound attenuator, multi-outlet static pressure box, medical insulation material. The controller can be chosen/appointed by customers. They also can choose factory-mounted or to mount by themselves.
There are 14 sizes (04#-24#) with air flow of 40 to 8481 CFM (70 to 14409 CMH) for choice. Hotline: 0989 68 0279
Email: hoa.v.dao@bmscorp.com.vn #hethongbms #hethongquanlytoanha
#thietbihethongbms #HVAC
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Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
VAV Controller: eZV-440 Description
The eZV-440 is a native BACnet® controller with an integrated airflow sensor and
damper actuator for VAV applications, available in both configurable and fully⋯⋯
programmable versions.
The eZV communicates using BACnet MS/TP on its RS-485 main LAN port. It also has
a RS-485 subLAN port for the optional addition of enteliZONE or BACstat® smart
network sensors. Application
The eZV-440 covers a wide range of VAV
configurations including multi-stage
reheat with analog, binary or floating
control, and series or parallel fan boxes.
The eZV-440 includes built-in algorithms
that are easy to configure for typical VAV/
VVT applications.
The eZVP-440 is a fully programmable
model that allows you to either create
your own completely custom zone
programs or modify the built-in
algorithm’s behavior. https://youtu.be/uEVE--Ycba8 #BMS #Bacnet #hethongquanlytoanha #thietbihethongBMS
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Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
Application The DAC-633 is suitable for controlling various packaged units and equipment with small I/O requirements such as Fan Coil units, Unit Ventilators, Heat Pumps, and small Boilers or Chillers.
The fully programmable DAC-633 can be tailored to specific applications by creating and modifying BACnet objects and GCL+ programs.⋯⋯ Features
— Native BACnet firmware
— Fully programmable in GCL+
— BACnet MS/TP communications (DAC-633), BACnet/IP and BACnet Ethernet (DAC-633E)
— Super Capacitor for real-time clock and SRAM backup (requires no maintenance) on DAC-633E
— Supports 6 BACstat network sensors on LINKnet for room sensing and control or 2 Delta Field Modules on LINKnet for I/O expansion
— Actuator power terminal (24VAC) for each analog output (can be powered internally or from an auxiliary transformer)
— Firmware upgrade and database load/ save over the network
— Supports Modbus capability via flash loading in the field
— Service port
— Screw or DIN rail mountable Specifications BACnet Device Profile
BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) Inputs 6 Universal inputs - 10 bit (supporting 0-5v, 0-10v, 10kΩ, 4-20mA) Outputs 3 Binary TRIAC outputs (jumper configured for internal or external power)
3 Analog outputs (0-10v)
LED status indication of each output 查看更多
Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
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Thiết Bị Hệ Thống BMS
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