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Arya Samaj Pune hoạt động ở lĩnh vực

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Trụ sở chính: 248, Nana Peth Pune, India

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Số hotline 912026356493

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Website chính thức: http://www.aryasamajpune.com

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Liên hệ qua om@aryasamajpune.com. Arya Samaj Pune sẽ hồi âm sớm nhất có thể.
Arya Samaj propagates the Concept of Vedic Sanskars. We have well educated purohits to conduct all domestic and industrial ceremonies like Gruhpravesh, marriage, birthdays,anniversaries etc. These activities revolve around Vedic Yajya and organized like events.
Sanskaron ke saath chalein
Arya Samaj is a social,intellectual and spiritual organization. Its main objective is the welfare of all sections of society by propagating the message of the V... edas. For the last 137 years , we are working tirelessly to eradicate social evils like jaati-pratha, dowry, discrimination against women through our 7000+ branches. Nana Peth, Pune unit of Arya Samaj is over 60 yrs old. We are one of the rare organizations recognized by Government for social work and granted Income Tax exemption under section 80G. We have two well equipped halls and run a small school and dispensary. We are in the forefront of organizing seminars, conducting medical camps on a regular basis. See More

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Arya Samaj Pune
Arya Samaj Pune
Arya Samaj Pune
Arya Samaj Pune
Arya Samaj Pune
Arya Samaj Pune
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