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GlobalMind Dream English Library
Our new look with many new books 😍💖.
GlobalMind Dream English Library
1. Diary Of a Wimpy Kid
2. Dork Diaries
3. Rainbow Magic
4. Dear Dumb Diary...
5. Geromino Stilton - Book 1 to 20
6. Geromino Stilton - Book 21 to 40
7. Geromino Stilton - Book 41 to 60
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GlobalMind Dream English Library
Horrible Histories - Blood Curdling Box
Code: GMDL-SCSS-0004
Featuring some of the very best from Terry Deary's Horrible Histories series, this fantastic set is a must for every classroom wanting to take a contemporary look at history. By picking out the fun parts of the subject — mainly the gory and revolting bits — Horrible Histories makes learning fun and exciting, and a little less of a chore. Titles include: 1. Savage Stone Age, 2. Awesome Egyptians, 3. Groovy Greeks, 4.... Rotten Romans, 5. Cut-Throat Celts, 6. Smashing Saxons, 7. Vicious Vikings, 8. Stormin' Normans, 9. Angry Aztecs, 10. Incredible Incas, 11. Measly Middle Ages, 12. Terrible Tudors, 13. Slimy Stuarts, 14. Gorgeous Georgians, 15. Vile Victorians, 16. Villainous Victorians, 17. Barmy British Empire, 18. Frightful First World War, 19. Woeful Second World War, 20. Blitzed Brits.
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GlobalMind Dream English Library
Horrible Geography - With the wild bits left in!
Code: GMDL-SCSS-0003
Do you think geography should be about more than miserable maps? So do we. That’s why we created Horrible Geography. It’s all about exploring dramatic and dangerous places: a wild world where nature gets nasty. Sizzling volcanoes. Arctic ice floes. Deadly deserts. Savage storms. That’s what we want to see when we do geography. If you agree, grab your compass, put on your tin hat and wave goodbye to the classroom.
Titles: 1. Stormy Weather; 2. Raging Rivers; 3. Violent Volcanoes; 4. Perishing Poles; 5. Freaky Peaks; 6. Wild Islands; 7. Desperate Deserts; 8. Bloomin' Rainforests; 9. Earth-Shattering Earthquakes; 10. Odious Oceans; 11. Cracking Coasts; 12. Monster Lakes
GlobalMind Dream English Library
Murderous Maths - To the Power of Ten Collection
Code: GMDL-SCSS-0002
The 10-book Murderous Maths Collection provides possibly the most fun - and ever-so-slightly gruesome - introduction to this tricky subject that children aged 9 and over will ever have...
Presented in the same style of format that has served the Horrible Histories series so well, the books are packed with disgusting facts, incredible tricks and tips to help make the dreaded subject of maths fun and more acc...essible.
Titles: 1. Guaranteed to Mash Your Mind; 2. Desperate Measures; 3. Awesome Arithmetricks; 4. Guaranteed to Bend Your Brain; 5. Do You Feel Lucky?; 6. Easy Questions Evil Answers; 7. The Perfect Sausage; 8. The Key to the Universe; 9. The Phantom X; 10. Savage Shapes
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GlobalMind Dream English Library
Horrible Sciences - Bulging Box of Books
Code: GMDL-SCSS-0001
Twenty titles from the best-selling series, presented in a bulging boxed set. Features all the best-selling Horrible Science titles from A-Z - well from Blood, Bones and Body Bits to Vicious Veg!
1. Angry Animals; 2. Blood, Bones and Body Bits; 3. Bulging Brains; 4. Chemical Chaos; 5. Deadly Diseases; 6. Disgusting Digestion; 7. Evolve or Die; 8. Fatal Forces; 9. Frightening Light; 10. Killer Energy; 11. M...icroscopic Monsters; 12. Nasty Nature; 13. Painful Poison; 14. Shocking Electricity; 15. Sounds Dreadful; 16. Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens; 17. The Fight for Flight; 18. The Terrible Truth About Time; 19. Ugly Bugs; 20. Vicious Veg
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