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BLC Book Lovers Club
Dear all TTU readers,
The Library would like to send to all readers of TTU the list of interesting books being viewed and downloaded in full text for free from Springer Nature with many different topics such as Engineering, Languages, Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences, Economy,etc.
Currently, these books has been saved and divided into different topics for readers to refer, please visit the link below to see details:
We hope these books will be a valuable reference resource for all readers!
Best regards,
TTU Library.
Bạn đọc TTU thân mến,
Thư viện gửi đến toàn thể quý bạn đọc TTU danh mục các sách hay đang được xem và tải toàn văn miễn phí từ Springer Nature với nhiều chủ đề khác nhau về: Kỹ thuật, Ngôn ngữ, Khoa học máy tính, Y sinh, Kinh tế,...
Hiện số sách này đã được lưu về và chia theo các lĩnh vực khác nhau để quý bạn đọc tham khảo. Các bạn vui lòng truy cập vào link bên dưới để xem chi tiết:
Thư viện chúng tôi mong rằng đây sẽ là nguồn tài liệu tham khảo giá trị với toàn thể bạn đọc!
Trân trọng,
Thư viện TTU. See More
BLC Book Lovers Club
My bondage and my Freedom
Author: Frederick Douglass
Paperback: 432 pages
Series: Penguin Classics
"My Bondage and My Freedom," [is] a deep meditation on the meaning of slavery, race, and freedom, and on the power of faith and literacy, as well as a portrait of an individual and a nation a few years before the Civil War. As his narrative unfolds, Frederick Douglass—abolitionist, journalist, orator, and one of the most powerful voices to emerge from the American civil rights movement—transforms himself from slave to fugitive to reformer, leaving behind a legacy of social, intellectual, and political thought. The 1855 text includes Douglass's original Appendix, composed of excerpts from the author's speeches as well as a letter he wrote to his former master. See More
BLC Book Lovers Club
Lonely Planet Angkor Wat & Siem Reap Encounter
Author: Nick Ray
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Lonely Planet
What Will Your Angkor Wat & Siem Reap Encounter Be…
Watching the sun rise over the stone towers of stupendous Angkor Wat
Falling in love with Khmer cuisine at a delightful Siem Reap restaurant
Finding you inner Lara Croft or Indiana Jones at jungle-shrouded Ta Prohm
Catching a glimpse of ancient Angkor at a classical dance performance
Exploring the watery worlds of Tonle Sap lake's floating villages
Bargaining for exquisite Cambodian silk at the Angkor Night Market See More
BLC Book Lovers Club
Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948
Author: Tanya Reinhart
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Lonely Planet
In Israel/Palestine, Reinhart traces the development of the Security Barrier and Israel’s new doctrine of "disengagement," launched in response to a looming Palestinian-majority population. Examining the official record of recent diplomacy, including United States–brokered accords and talks at Camp David, Oslo, and Taba, Reinhart explores the fundamental power imbalances between the negotiating parties and identifies Israel’s strategy of creating facts on the ground to define and complicate the terms of any future settlement.
In this indispensable primer, Reinhart’s searing insight illuminates the current conflict and suggests a path toward change. See More
BLC Book Lovers Club
Pacific Destiny
Author: Robert Elegant
Hardcover: 533 pages
Publisher: Crown
This is an insightful, comprehensive, vivid, engaging survey of the Orient. Elegant's 30 years' experience as a journalist in Asia gives him a depth of understanding that few commentators in the West can rival. He argues persuasively that Asian societies have been shaped by authoritarian Confucian ethics, ethics that in turn fuel the competitive drive of these societies. He shows that the Japanese and the Chinese think of trade and commerce as zero-sum games, not as mutually beneficial exchanges. Trade is war; therefore a flabby, decadent West, particularly the U.S., must mobilize to fight against aggressive Asian economic competition. His tough commercial stance notwithstanding, Elegant writes with sympathy about Asians and their cultures in a top-notch appraisal of the most economically dynamic region of the world. - Book Introduction. See More
BLC Book Lovers Club
Empire Made Me: An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai
Author: Tanya Reinhart
Series: Open Media Series
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Seven Stories Press...
Empire Made Me: An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai is the 2003 biography of the Shanghai policeman Richard Maurice Tinkler by the British historian Robert Bickers.Tinkler, a British veteran of World War One turned policeman in interwar Shanghai, was described by Bickers as an extremely tough, able, violent and racist policeman operating in one of the world's most crime-ridden and dangerous cities; who loathed the Chinese as a people and treated them with much brutality. - Book introduction See More